Shop Front Security

Shop Front Security

Retail security systems for shops and stores

If you're fitting out a shop or store from scratch, or refurbing an existing storefront, then today's trend in retail display is open and interactive, with no intrusive frames or solid walls. It's a great look - walls of glass make the shopping environment and the goods on display visible to passing foot and motor traffic, encouraging customers in.

This style of retail architecture, though, poses security problems. Ones that, at Shutters, Grilles and Gates, we're well qualified to overcome. Working with you we can suggest ways of designing to retain that modern, open look, while providing robust security.

There's another aspect of store-front design to consider, and that's safety. When large areas of glass break, the consequences can be dangerous for staff, shoppers and passers-by. Incorporating security into the glass also builds-in safety, protecting your reputation as well as your property.

Whether you're fitting a new store front, or working with an existing one, talk to Shutters, Grilles and Gates for great advice.

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Very professional and experienced in what they do. Most importantly, they made recommendations that were fair and relevant relative to some of the other security companies I had consulted who tried to get me to buy literally anything and everything under the pretext of better security. Would be using them again.


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