Industrial Fire Shutters

Industrial Fire Shutters

Internal Shutters for Fire Safety

Fire Shutters. Protecting Your People. Protecting Your Property

Fire safety shutters have two purposes. When there's a fire in one part of a building, they help seal it off, protecting other areas and providing escape routes for visitors, customers and staff. They also help starve a fire of essential oxygen, reducing its power until it can be tackled by other means. Both vertical shutters (to sub-divide floors) and horizontal fire shutters (to protect floors above and below the fire) are available.

At The Shutter Grille and Gate Co we custom-build fire shutters to fit internal openings and your protection requirements. Different levels of defence are available, from one to four hours. Operation can be triggered by the building's fire alarm, central control, a local fire detection module or a panic-button. Our fire shutters can be programmed to operate immediately, or after a predetermined delay, while a local alarm sounds to allow people behind the shutter to escape. When not required for fire safety, the shutters can be left permanently open, or can be closed regularly as part of your out-of-hours security policy.

Protecting a building from fire requires an integrated approach in which fire shutters play an important containment role. We're used to working with other professionals in alarm and extinguishing fields to provide high levels of avoidance, detection, containment and extinction, and can recommend other suppliers if you'd like us to.

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