Industrial Shutters

Industrial Shutters

High security anti-theft and intruder shutters

Roller Shutters. Protection When You Most Need It

In commercial premises, windows and doors often need to be left unobstructed during working hours for light, access and ventilation. But when the building is not in use, these represent a security threat.

A simple way to provide out-of-hours anti-intruder protection is our roller shutters. Custom-made in our north west London factory, these fit into robust steel side channels and have reinforced bottom-locking bars. Available for any size of opening*, they can be left in their natural galvanised or anodised finish, or painted or powder coated to match building and corporate colours. We can add insulation for protection from heat and noise, perforation to allow low-levels of light, and manual or automatic operation.

A highly visible deterrent with robust anti-intruder features, when not required they roll tightly away, becoming almost invisible. Altogether, rollers shutters provide a great security solution for working-hours-open/out-of-hours-closed doors and windows.

*For larger openings, like loading bays, see our overhead doors page as well.

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