Garage Roller Doors

Garage Roller Doors

Robust protection for garages

Securing Your Garage And Its Contents

Garage Doors

It's tempting not to worry too much about securing a garage, because your car has anti-theft protection fitted. But that would be wrong, for several reasons. Firstly, a garage often has a door into the house. Once in the garage an intruder has time to attack the house door unobserved.

Secondly, a garage is often used to do more than keep your car clean and dry. There maybe tools, garden machinery, bicycles, a freezer and its contents, sports equipment, motor scooters, wine, barbecues or outdoor furniture stored there too.

And thirdly, a garage is often more than a garage nowadays. Many function as a home gym, or an office, with valuable equipment - and maybe data - that needs protecting.

Our garage shutters, remote controlled or key operated, are ideal. Manufactured to fit exactly, they run in strong steel side channels, feature reinforced bottom bars, and robust individual sections designed to dissuade attack.

Shutters. Grilles. Gates. Visual Deterrence. Physical Protection.

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